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Founded in 1973, Worthington Christian School (WC) is central Ohio’s leader in Christian education offering a rigorous, college preparatory kindergarten to 12-grade academic program, dedicated to developing the mind of Christ in students through rigorous intellectual, creative, and physical pursuits.

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Paying Attention

By Worthington Christian School on Nov 5, 2020 8:00 PM

When we hear the word "attend" in the context of school, most of us probably think of attendance. Students are marked either present or absent in class, representing their physical presence in a learning space. Merriam-Webster's first entry to define "attend" says...

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Fall Into a Good Picture Book

By Worthington Christian School on Oct 10, 2019 7:00 PM

This month's book list features read-alouds that focus on the time of year when colors are changing outside, leavings are starting to come down, and there are lots of seasonal activities: fall! 

Fall is a great time of year to discuss the natural changes and transitions that occur outdoors. Even the youngest of littles can tell that temperatures are lower and the scenery is changing. Sharing picture books about fall with young readers helps them put words and meaning to what they are observing around them.

Making real-world connections while reading is deeply impactful for young minds and developing readers.

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Reading and Relating: Picture Books that Celebrate Friendship

By Worthington Christian School on Sep 10, 2019 7:00 PM

This month's book list features read-alouds that focus on friendship. Learning to interact with others and fostering friendships is such an integral component of preschooler development. It is at this age that we as humans begin to grapple with and hone relational skills like sharing, communicating, asking for and offering forgiveness, accepting those who are different from us, and more.

Reading books that model these relational skills can create rich opportunities for parent-child conversations about real-life situations. Engage with your child about the relational dynamics presented in these books, asking them questions about the characters and storyline and helping them make connections with their own experiences.

Happy reading and relating!

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