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Seeking Jesus as a Family during the Christmas Season

Dec 5, 2019 7:00 PM

The Christmas season is often hectic. It seems that this time of year has almost become synonymous with busy-ness. Decorating, cooking and baking, shopping, scheduling out holiday events...all wonderful activities that have the potential to drown out the deeper meaning of the season.

As parents, it's worth asking ourselves, "What are my children learning about Christmas through the way I approach the holiday? What am I communicating, directly and indirectly, about the meaning of Christmas?"

One natural way to point our families to Jesus during this season is through an advent-based family devotional.

Below is a family advent devotional i've written as something fun that families can do together during the days leading up to Christmas. Hopefully, it will also help you to keep your heart and mind on the reason we celebrate Christmas. All you need is a manger scene with Three Wise Men and a Star.

Lower School Boy

Each day, perhaps at dinner or at the end of the day, you can gather together as a family. One person hides the Star. Then, let someone (you can take turns) try to find the Star. When the Star is found, place the Three Wise Men where the Star was located. Leave the Star and Wise Men together in that location until the following day. Repeat this each day until Christmas Eve. On Christmas Eve, place the Star above the manger and let the Wise Men take their place with the rest of the manger scene.

Read the following scripture verses, ask the questions, and discuss answers together. Let your children seek and discover the true meaning of Christmas: that God became a man and lived among us so that we can have a relationship with Him.

Note: You will find suggestions and answers in parentheses. These instructions are not meant to be read aloud but to give you some direction in leading discussions. The readings and questions are short and simple. However, I suggest that you read it over first so you can be prepared to lead the discussion.

The Bible verses contained in this devotional are from the New Life Version (NLV). This translation was chosen because it is more kid friendly.

It is my prayer that you will find this material helpful for your whole family as you focus on the true meaning of Christmas. Some of the content may be above a toddler’s head and some of it may be too simple for a teen. But spending time together studying God’s Word will nurture your family’s hearts as you Seek Jesus together.

Download Seeking Jesus Devotional 

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Margie Sanford
Written by Margie Sanford

Margie is a pastor's wife, mother, and grandma. She is a passionate disciple of Jesus who loves to make disciples. Although she grew up going to church (and loved it), it wasn't until Christmas Eve her freshman year of college that she came to understand her need for a Savior. That was 1970! Ever since then, she celebrates her new birth each year on Christmas Eve. It's her desire that many will come to saving faith as they hear the Christmas story for the first time or for the hundredth time! "He became like us so we can become like Him."