Navigating Your Child's Education: Grades 9-12

David Nicodemus

David has served on staff at Grace Polaris Church in Worthington, Ohio, since 2007. He has many years of experience in youth ministry. He and his wife Carly have four school-aged children. He loves to see students growing in their love for and consistent use of God’s Word, as well as connecting to their local church, and seeing parents modeling these two commitments in their personal lives.

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The Best Parenting Advice I've Ever Received

By David Nicodemus on Dec 10, 2020 8:00 PM

I've found myself nodding in agreement and bowing in shame to much of the parenting advice I’ve ever received — feeling emboldened and inadequate all at the same time. There has been one piece of advice, though, that came like a refreshing drink of water (or maybe a slap in the face). It’s equal parts simple and overwhelming. It’s advice that continuously causes me to re-think my habits and makes obsolete many of the strategies and tips which tend to paralyze us.

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